The Playa
Is today Wednesday or Thursday?

The Ziggurat recreated by Dr. Fabio, Dr. Cabro and Dr. Frisque. It is a small temple in which Playa citizens can examine their beliefs. It also doubles as The Mind Shaft Society shower.

Whoaaaaa... what a Mars Party we had last night. There is a link at the left for the Mars Party with the details. I didn't get to sleep at all but more about that later! The internet seems to be working well now. I, on the other hand need, a little work as you can see below.

The Mind Shaft was erected and installed with embellishments fit for a riot which seems to be the rule of thumb around here.

The concept The Mind Shaft Society utilizes for presenting discoveries from our expeditions is that of the Skewed Rhomboid. The Mind Shaft is fabricated of faux brass. It is about twenty feet long, twelve feet wide and thirteen feet high in the front and eight feet high in the back.

The Marsohpotamian Immortals appeared to help justify the tales of the expedition.

The Crystalline Rhomboid is the artifact we brought back which Dr. Skids from the University of Mars surmised the Martians sent to earth to instill the concept of belief into the Neanderthals.

So much for The Mind Shaft stuff... I am going out onto the Playa to document the monumental works of art. Stay tuned I hope to update the next page later today if everything is working properly... including myself.