The Playa

Three diametric miles of dry alkaline lakebed set in a grid forming Black Rock City, Nevada, site of the Burning Man art festival which is not for the faint of art!

Monday, August 25

The sun rose over the eastern Playa somewhere around 6am or so. The temperature was a cool fifty something. As soon as the sun rose, the Playa heated up toward one hundred and eleven degrees... or so by 2pm! The wind picked up making installing large artwork challenging. But that is the nature of Burning Man.

The morning is especially peaceful on the Playa. The party comes to a grinding halt when the sun comes up. The enormous, cacophonous sound systems cease playing rave, dance, disco, techno, hip hop, rap, rock and roll, country western, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's music. The laughing and giggling slow down. The whooping and hollering come to an end. The explosions stop. The alcohol and other spirits wear off... most everyone chills way out and goes to sleep. Some of us don't.

More tomorrow... if weather and other primordial conditions permit!