The Mind Shaft Camp must be set up!

Any expedition to a desert is a rigorous undertaking.
The safety and convenenience of the explorers is a necessity
of grave importance. Shade structures, sleeping quarters, water,
and all of the necessary tools for discovery and analysis are essential
to make the trek a success.


Coffee... first things first!
The adjacent photos above illustrate the need to caffienate before
any exploration occurs. Shown are the first Mind Shafters to rise and
attempt to shine. They are waiting inline for the coffee to complete brewing.


The Mind Shaft Society archaelogists and anthropologists are comprised
from an interesting breed of human beings who convened to discover,
analyze, synthesize and report on their findings. Matisse Enzer compiled
the following portraits of some of these rare individuals who have chosen a
most unusual avocation for their lives.

Wild Bill: he spills zeros and ones
wherever he goes

Fab: a man possessed to fabricate,
keeper of the Expiation Table.

Goldie:smiles all of the time having
spawned from the Grateful Dead

Hilarie: western world exploreress recruited from studying Mayan and Aztec Culture.

Rheingold: extraterrestrial anthropologist!

Jude: refined at the art of keeping
electrolytes inline

Zippy: proprietor of the Zippy Manufacturing Company. Possessed with igniting Nevada

Matisse: chief architect and spiritual advisor, thunderdome warrior.
He led us into the desert.

Priscilla: nurse queen of the desert, discovered the Carcass Car Wash.

Are We Really?: having more fun than
Heinz has pickles.
Kept asking "is the fish fresh?"

Skidrow: from the Kara Kum and Registan deserts to the Black Rock desert
in thirty-five years.

Sly: don't let that demure vision fool you.
Her sphincter whistle will blow you right
off the Playa.

Ed: Keeper of the of The Mind Shaft.
Ed provided the authenticity.

Chief metallurgist and
resident Rube Goldberg.

Tex: bonvivant, conjurer,
in charge of analysis and analogy.


The first survey of the situation