The advance team



The advance team of The Mind Shaft Society first viewed the Burning Man
upon entering the Playa from the south. Fortunate that the winds were
calm at the moment and the dust had settled, a survey of the area
made it easy to find the location of The Mind Shaft.


The Playa revealed many interesting artifacts.
Shown here is a horse made from bone that we
surmise had been used by previous intrepid travelers
seeking their way across the desert.



A Mausoleum was discovered at the outer edge of the Playa.
It is a place to pay respects to those who preceeded us and
for those whose thoughts we hold dear to our hearts. It is the
final stage of the Burning Man Seven Ages of Man
enlightenment process.

Click here to read an article
that appeared in the September 9,2001 edition
of the San Francisco Chronicle that further explains
the idea behind the Mausoleum.

The Mind Shaft Society quickly discovered that art abounds on the Playa.