The Mind Shaft Society reconvened on April 26th, 2003 in Mill Valley, California at the palatial estate of the esteemed French Anthropologist, Dr. Fabio. The discourse this sunny Saturday was about the past winter's expedition north of the thirteenth unparallel to Marsohpotamia in search of the origins of belief.

Dr. Skidrow on the left, and Dr. Fabio on the right, display
digital devices used to document the thrilling discoveries

The yearly winter expedition once again revealed marvelous artifacts which The Mind Shaft Society dutifully reconstructs for our presentation at Burning Man each summer. Master fabricator, Dr. Matisse, directed the butt-crack krewe of anthropologists through the steps of recreating a Trellis found at the top of Mount PohTamia. After thorough analysis, Dr. Pricilla - Queen of the Desert, surmised the Trellis was used by the Marsohpotamians in a ritual where they decided to alter their beliefs... once a year.

Dr. Matisse fabricates the Marsohpotamian ritual Trellis ~

Dr. Fasman deduced the oval shaped signage, discovered attached to the Trellis, directed the Marsohpotamians to choose a particular manifestation by which they would examine their beliefs. Dr.Fasman consulted with acclaimed linguist Dr. Wordsmith from the University of Mars to translate the words carved into the ovals; Play, Dream, Love, Create, Infinity are modes the Marsohpotamians chose to deal with their beliefs. These concepts will be posted onto the oval shapes Dr. Really? is shown fabricating below.

Great care is taken to recreate the precise dimensions of the artifacts.

Recreating is arduous work. The Mind Shaft Society enjoys a nurishing lunch where the discussion continues about the task at hand. Debate about each members' hypotheses results in conclusions about our research that lead to ideas and designs we fabricate. As you can see on top of Dr. Rheingold's head, he has adopted the Newtonian scientific principle.

One problem The Mind Shaft Society discovered about the Marsohpotamians is that they shared the landscape with a ravenous herd of beasts similar to California coastal deer. Dr. Phillus studied remains of these four footed mammals in the field determining through dna analysis they were not only similar to the species of modern coastal deer, but that they appeared to have reeked havoc on the crops and flowers the Marsohpotamians relied on for food and visual pleasure. Dr. Phillus discovered ruins of decorative fences the Marsohpotamians built attempting to shelter the valuable plants from desecration by the beasts. She insisted on the recreation of similar fences since coastal deer attacked her own beloved roses. Parallel critical thinking is a hallmark of The Mind Shaft Society!

Matisse and Fabio set the posts for the Marsohpotamian inspired decorative fence.

The Mind Shaft Society will continue to document the recreation of the Marsohpotamian belief ritual. Please check back with us occasionally as more information is posted.