The Mind Rover
It will blow your mind!

The Mind Shaft Society recreated the head of Huracan into a mutant vehicle resembling the god of fierce winds and open minds. Dr. Fabio created the original illustration which Dr. Rheinbrain elaborated producing the concept which Dr. Fabio designed using wire frame splines fabricated from steel rebar and pencil rod. A butt-crack krewe of Mind Shaft Society members bent and welded the steel into a surrealistic rendition. The base vehicle was a twentieth century Toyota transformed into an interactive platform from which to gather what is on the minds of Black Rock City Citizens. The Mind Rover is equipped with sound, lights and alchemy.

In retrospect, it was prophetic that the Mind Shaft Society created Huracan throughout the summer of 2005 in view of Hurricain Katrina that destroyed New Orleans and Mississippi. We presented this mutant vehicle at Burning Man at the same time Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.