The Mind Shaft Society
cordially invites you
to a very special evening at Burning Man 2003.

Dr. Skids, esteemed astronomy professor
from the University of Mars, will host
a viewing of the planet Mars
on Wednesday, August 27
starting at 11:59pm.

The Mind Shaft is located at
the corner of Literal and Dogma (7:00)

The bThe bright red star rising in the southeast above Black Rock City about 8PM is not a star at all, but is in fact the planet Mars, which on August 27th will be the closest to Earth since the era when Neanderthals walked the Earth 60,000 years ago. If you want to walk like a Neanderthal down to The Mind Shaft Society camp located at the corner of Literal and Dogma (7:00) starting at 11:59PM on August 27th, we will be having a Mars Party and looking through telescopes at Mars and carrying on like a bunch of awe-stricken cavemen. We also will be reciting Mars facts and figures and singing Mars songs and reciting Mars poetry and grunting and pointing at the bright red light in the sky and scratching our wooly heads and crying out and wringing our hands in fear and confusion and drinking various fermented beverages as well as beating on drums and blowing on flutes and dancing Mars dances and carrying on like nothing you?ve seen in 60,000 years. Sounds like fun to you? COME ON DOWN!!!