Looted Iraqi Artifacts

The Mind Shaft Society returned from the winter expedition to Marshohpotamia flying into Bahgdad to refuel Playa Air, the airline used exclusively for Mind Shaft Society Expeditions. While Captain Philippe and the Krewe of Playa Air, Captain Robert and the irascible Playa Air hostess Jane, were negotiating for fuel, The Mind Shaft Society members took an Iraqi cab and drove off in search of anthropology.

We had been in Marsohpotamia for the past five months without access to the world media and had no idea we were one day ahead of the invading United States Marines. We became suspicious of our surroundings when we noticed what appeared to be clandestine Navy Seals charting our GPS positions. Dr. Skidrow suggested we not expose them or our efforts may be placed in further suspicion.

Our Iraqi cab driver had been a driver for one of Saddam Hussein's body doubles. He drove us to a bazaar and introduced us to his cousin Mohamed who led us to a secret vault. Inside the vault we discovered a roomful of artifacts that had been looted the day before when the guards at the Museum of Iraqi Antiquities fled from the impending invasion leaving the contents of the museum open to anyone who walked in the door. The vault we entered was where Mohamed was storing artificacts that he and he his cousins looted from the museum.

Seizing the opportunity, Dr. Fabio negotiated the procurement of several dozen artifacts which we catalogued and bagged. The cab ride back to the airport was treachorous having to negotiate past Batthe Party loyalists and the Republican Guard. We made it to Saddam International Airport in the nick of time. As Playa Air lifted off into the thin desert air, we felt the shock of explosions as the Navy Seals proceeded to destroy the runway.

Members of The Mind Shaft Society examine the looted Iraqi artifacts for authenticity.