Inspiration Island

During the winter of 2002, The Mind Shaft Society embarked upon an expedition taking them to the Trankwill Sea near the equator where they discovered an ancient civilization on a volcanic island known as Inspiration Island. The Island features a giant flower garden at the base of the Volcano that was once used as an ancient ritual site by the islander tribes. A volcanic explosion submerged the garden centuries ago but its giant flowers flourished at the base of the volcano. The Volcano's summit emerges a couple of dozen feet above the ocean surface exposing the noteworthy landmark face of a native god.

The site is occupied by a giant octapus once worshipped as an oracle by the islanders. Centuries later, this extraordinary creature is still providing inspiration.

The Mind Shaft Society is pleased to share its findings from the Earthly Garden of Delights revealing in full detail the remarkable story of Inspiration Island's advanced civilization. Ancient artifacts recently unearthed suggest the islanders had developed an evolutionary creative ritual held in the secret garden sanctuary. The ingenious culture gained new wisdom through collaborative painting, drumming, and storytelling activities. The Mind Shaft Society has restored this site for Burning Man visitors to benefit from its inspirational power.

Come to Inspiration Island... to inspire... or,... to be inspired!

Stay tuned for further developments 
as the summer of 2002 progresses
and The Mind Shaft Society prepares
to embark upon the Playa, once again.

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