Sunday night, September 30, 2007

The Mind Shaft Society embarked upon a discreet testing facility to test fire
Dante's prototype flame thrower.
The following images and movie illustrate
the results from what everyone there concurs was a successful test.
Further testing will be required.

This is the flamer thrower prototype fabricated from "off the shelf" materials
by Dante and Roxie.

Dr. Skidrow, senior astronomer, provides light for Dante who is filling
the small fuel container that attaches to the flamer thrower.

Dr. Cabro, senior anthropologist, assists with the fuel.

Fire in the hole! Test fire number one...

Test fire number two...

Test fire number three. The throw is over twenty feet. The fuel burns itself
out in less than a minute.

Dr. Really?, chief anthropologist, seriously attests the successful experiment.
Dr. Joni pranks the unsuspecting Dr. Really? with the two fingers above the
head gesture.

In the Really? Room after the test, Dante illustrates the diagram of how
the flame thrower booth would be designed.

Priscilla ~ Queen of the Desert displays an appropriate bumper sticker.