...Further Excavation
Working at a FABulous remote location near San Francisco using all of the scientific disciplines, The Mind Shaft Society analyzes and recreates artifacts discovered at Inspiration Island. The presentation at Burning Man 2002 will exhibit flora and fauna from the Island as well as discoveries that are still being deciphered.
Dr. Rheingold prepares the reproduction of a paramount icon discovered near the top of the Volcano. Working from drawings created during the winter expedition, the painstaking effort will include the ritual painting of the shoes. Rheingold surmises the Bamboodus boiled plants to create bright colored inks which they splattered all over their bodies. He discovered the inspiration of painting your shoes in a dream after pondering the documentary drawings over a six week period.
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, exhibits ceremonial trinkets discovered in a burial site. Dr. Priscilla became aware of the magical essence of these volcanic glass ornaments after she adorned herself with a dozen of them around her neck as costume jewelry to attend the annual Antropological Society spring dinner dance. Priscilla became acutely aware of the overwhelming sense of inspiration throughout the evening as she conversed with fellow anthropologists.
Doctors Phyllis and Priscilla aid Rheingold as he examines a trinket for residue of the earthly nitrous oxide gas molecules. Rheingold's inspirational acumen approached magnificent proportions one afternoon as he looked at the glass under a microscope. He yelled with glee at the revelation and discovery of the prevalence of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere of Inspiration Island.

Doctor Fabio exhibits the fabrication of the recreation of a specific plant species. His acute observation revealed that Inspiration Island was a jungle of the variety bamboo-woodeniscous. Doctor Fabio had to be restrained by the other Mind Shaft Society members at one point during the expedition because he had become so inspired from being surrounded by the bamboo. He deciphered the bamboo emitted electrons of inspiration into the atmosphere. In some areas, the electron count was astoundingly high!

Above, Dr.Skids, on the left, assembles a bamboo chassis to form the basis of a ceremonial face mask. Skids discovered the assemblagist nature of the Bamboodus while spelunking deep inside The Mind Shaft camp on the Island. These large masks were used in all of the Bamboodu ritual inspirations. Dr. Really? exhibits the recreated mask on the right.
Above, Dr. Really? discovered an interesting plant that visually is a cross between an artichoke and an aloe vera. Remarkably, the more Really? handled this particular organic material, the more psychedelic his experience became. At one point during the winter expedition in the Trankwill See, he was discovered crawling on his hands and knees away from the camp. His comments were barely audible as he was heard to say "I have a notion... to jump into the ocean".
One of the most significant discoveries made by The Mind Shaft Society at Inspiration Island was the existence of the Bamboodu civilization's High Priests, the Bambozos. Larger than life, the Bambozo High Priests are thought to have created the universal drum ritual. Musicologists around the world have been pouring over these findings. Rhythms and sonics are the universally recognized language common among all civilizations. The Mind Shaft Society now believes it was the Bambozos who first learned to stretch and tighten coverings over enormous hollowed out bamboo stalks resulting in drums. The Bambozos established a series of fascinating beats and rythms around which they choreographed dance rituals for inspirational celebrations.
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