Elvis Island Immigration Station
The Mind Shaft Society is creating Elvis Island Immigration Station after researching the Bill of Rights. Burners will be able to present Uncle Sam with their American Dream. They will also be able to propose amendments to American 3.0 - Bill of Rights.

by Dr. Really? .

Elvis is in the process of transmorgrification.
The previous incarnation was as Skjerry.
Elvis did not have a beard.


Recreation and fabrication of the research

During the winter of 2007-2008, Mind Shaft Society senior scientist Dr. Cabro's home was partially destroyed during a storm with 100 mph winds resulting in the acquisition of obtainium (pictured here). The 2008 Expedition will be created with this recycled material.

The fabrication commenced on June 21, the longest day of 2008.
It was a hot day in the Mind Shaft! This is what transpired that day.


Elvis' skeletal remains are known in anthropological circles as Skelvis. Shown above, Skelvis sits at his desk at the Elvis Island Immigration Station. The left and right sides of the desk will be adorned with video monitors and speakers that will show the Burners American Dreams, and the Mind Shaft Society talking about the Expedition to examine the Bill of Rights. Elvis music will play through the speakers. The smaller desk in front of Elvis' desk will hold two large books on easels. One book will be for Black Rock Citizens to record their proposed Amendments to America 3.0's Bill of Rights. The other books will record their American Dreams.
Evident in the photo above is a blue suede shoe.