The Crown of Devolution

The Mind Shaft Society first had to clear the Expedition site from the winter's growth of organic material. Dr. Really? and Dr. Fabio expiated the material using chain saws and brush cutters creating the Crown of Devolution in the process with the material. This served as the inspiration for The Crowns of Evolution that will display the Bamboodu civilation's evolution.

Dr. Really? and Dr. Fabio excavated organic detritus to create the Crown of Devolution.

The Mind Shaft Society was gifted obtainium in the form of a large Turret that adorned the top of a house in Marin County, California. As you will by this video, the Turret, under the able direction of Dr. Box, was moved from its original site to the Mind Shaft. The Turret served as inspiration for the Crown of Devolution and the Crowns of Evolution.

A Butt-Crack Team of Anthropologists from the Mind Shaft Society
embarked on an Expedition to examine some obtainium near Dr. Cabro's estate.

The Mind Shaft Society examined how the Turret could be utilized.

The Mind Shaft Society butt-cracked krewe of anthropologists excavated
the Turret on 1/24/2009.