cos•mic \ 'køz-mik
\ also
cos-mi-cal \ mi-kel

1: of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone.

Dr. Skids overlooks Sutro Park and the Pacific Ocean
contemplating the Cosmic Giggle.

We set out searching and we took our time...

The Mind Shaft Society is exhuberant about this noble quest. Priscilla ~ Queen of the Desert leads the way toward an area discovered during previous reconnaissance thought to have significance. "We came upon and empty space"...

..."it trembled, and exploded"... A pile of cosmic dust can be seen in the upper right corner of the photo. The dust was discovered on the ground adjacent to a directional moticon. Dr. Matisse surmised the dust and moticon were left by a search party exploring the earth during the 20th century sometime in the between the two earthly World Wars of 1917 and 1945.

Evidence of a cosmic collision walked right up to us producing an instantaneous fascination and subsequent cosmic giggle. We were all so dumbfounded that we failed to ask relevant questions before it walked away. Realizing our failure at collecting more intriguing data than these two photographs, we collected ourselves and walked east thinking it had to have been an omen.

Like we said... "we came upon an empty space"... this was no bus stop! Dr. Tex determined it had been a gun placement. Not a Saturday night special, but one of those cannons that could shoot a shell the size of a Buick twenty miles out to sea you see. World Wars one and two were not of the cosmic variety as if any war is. But this site is unique in that it now provides a springboard to go to the desert to make art unlike our unelected President who goes to the desert to make war. There is something cosmic about our quest and something incredibly uncosmic about his. Above, Dr. Tex exhibits his satisfaction about his realization, a cosmic giggle into itself.

Above, on the left, Dr. Fabio attends to his notepad recording the impact the search has had so far. Dr. Matisse chuckles at a comment Dr. Rheingold made about the significance of Dr. Fabio's maticulous note taking. It's always something!

Calling Dr. Howard... Dr. Rheingold experiences the Cosmic Giggle!

Priscilla chuckles while Tex checks a forearm for signs of life, a prerequisite for maintaining the cosmic giggle.

Tex, Ellie and Dr. Cabro providing that look that takes the cosmic giggle out of a photographer's breath.

Dr. Fabio climbed down into the amphitheater where who knows what ocurred. Dr. Fabio, the renowned Mind Shaft Society Fellow closely examined a ring connected to the concrete.

The esteemed French anthropologist surmised the Cosmic Giggle was once tethered at this location. He determined the concrete was strong enough to hold the powerful force and that it was used by those who created this area to harness the good nature so lacking in modern social - political environs. He thinks it may be the reason the Summer of Love with its psychedelic hoopla was conceived nearby and flourished in the adjacent neighborhood.

The cosmic-ist giggle of the area turned out to be an abandoned military issue boot, size twelve, dramatically positioned, hopelessly remains in need of polishing, totally untied. Why one boot so left behind? It begs to dig the Cosmic Giggle.

Stay tuned as we continue to update these pages during our search for the Cosmic Giggle.