The Mind Shaft Society
A confluence of artistically oriented individuals
possessing scientific disciplines.
In other words, we're inept!

Concurrent with the theme of Burning Man 2004, Vault of Heaven, The Mind Shaft Society has embarked on a search for the Cosmic Giggle. You have all experienced it at least once, perhaps dozens of times in your lives. Most notably, you got it when you were young. It was an experience that sent you reeling into a cosmic giggle. An experience so intense that it changed your perception... forever. The Cosmic Giggle can occur anytime, anywhere to anyone.

We will explore the concept anthropologically, astronomically, chemically, sociologically, hypothetically, surreally and of course artistically.

Please come along with The Mind Shaft Society on this adventurous Expedition. We will divulge the results of our explorations here as we discover them.

Dr. Really? Senior Anthropologist

The first Expedition in 2004 took place at Land's End in San Francisco at a site chosen by Dr. Really?. Land's End is exactly as it sounds, at this point, California splits open at the Golden Gate spilling the Pacific Ocean into its interior. It is an auspicious environment to begin the search.

Mind Shaft Society members Rheingold and Tex survey the view a few yards from the base camp.

The Expedition base camp where we were literally rolling in the clover.

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