The Mind Shaft Society
met with thirteen days
before Burning Man
and accomplished...



The Shaft beams were assembled
in the manner of artificial irregularity
which has been the hallmark
of this project from its inception.


Artificial irregularity is the concept
of using chaos to create form.
While some actual physics and laws
of nature are applied, the driving force
is the cosmic giggle.


The two butt-crack Mind Shaft Society krewe members are seen
applying the artificial irregularities to the podium for the Book of Expiation on the left,
and the box of Dynamite on the right.


The remaining Skeletons are dragged from the pile of Art Police Debris.


On the left, Priscilla, Queen of Expiation tests the signage above the Shaft entrance.
On the right, Matisse, King of Beams also passes the test.

... and as the sun set, the light at the end of tunnel was evident.


The Mind Shaft Society Exit Plans