Raising Mr. Bones

The Mind Shaft Society reconvened
eighteen days before
Burning Man
to fabricate
the place
to Expiate...


Matisse... beam design architect, leader in the creation of the Tripod


The first test was to hoist a chair. Matisse offered anyone in
The Mind Shaft Society a ride... but no one responded!


The large silver Nugget Mr. Bones
and his mining partner Skjerry
extricated from the Playa
was moved into position
under the Tripod where
Mr. Bones will sit
and think about
what it all means!


A pile of Bones recently on earthed
about to be hoisted...



there he is... Mr. Bones high on the Bolinas mesa!


Stay tuned for more construction activity.
The Mind Shaft is next.


The Assembly of the Shaft