Construction... the work in progress

Working high on the mesa above the Bolinas lagoon at the southern tip
of the Point Reyes peninsula thirty miles north of San Francisco,
a butt-crack krewe from the Mind Shaft Society
cut and saw, tweak and bend, laugh and cry
over their efforts which appear to have
some results!


The Tripod






The Shaft
... give us your mind and we'll give you the Shaft!


The above two photos show Matisse (on the right) and Really? (on the left) with the back of the Shaft.



Helvetica and Howard mache'ing

When we arrived at Bolinas on Saturday, August 4th, we were greeted by this intrepid green frog that hopped onto the side of the large silver nugget upon which Mr. Bones will sit. We wondered what it all meant but could only fantasize about the implications.


Stay tuned as the Mind Shaft Society works on the task at hand...
these pages will be updated as progress happens.


The Tripod and the Raising of Mr. Bones