Clean up plans

Leave no trace!


The MindShaft Society props are all bolted and tied together requiring moderately simple assembly. The props will be unbolted, disassembled and packed in the trucks on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, the Mind Shaft Society will pack all of our personal support gear back into the trucks and RVs. Cleaning up should be easy since the Mind Shaft Society will make no signifigant incursions into the playa. Playa damage should be limited to light scuff marks and shallow grooves from buried audio wire and power cable. We will fill in any scuff marks or grooves we make in the playa and smooth them with rakes and shovels. We will maintain garbage receptacles at several locations in our camp which we will pack out in our vehicles. Our policy is to leave no trace by never having one in the first place. Camp members have already been advised of the need to eliminate objects or practices that might result in hard to clean up detritus. The Mind Shaft Society will bring four boxes of large garbage bags into which all loose debris left by the Mind Shaft Society and the visitors to the Mind Shaft will be placed on a daily basis. All of the loose materials that have blown into the Mind Shaft area and camp will also be picked up and placed into the large kitchen bags at the end of our temporary sojourn on the Playa. The large kitchen bags will be loaded into the equipment truck for disposal at the Reno or San Francisco Recycling Centers. All of the large art debris that the Mind Shaft Society brings to the Playa for the Mind Shaft installation will be repacked into the equipment truck and trucked out of the desert back to San Francisco. We will also bring a shovels and brooms to remove any oil spills from the RVs, trucks, or generators. We will fill and rake the small holes left in the Playa from any of the stakes we use to secure our structures from the wind. The Mind Shaft Society will form a line criss-crossing a grid pattern across our camp boundaries picking up any small trace of debris left in our wake. The Mind Shaft Society will also saunter out and form another line criss-crossing an area on the Playa. We promise to remove any vestige of our existence from the Playa... with hopes of returning the following year. After cleaning up all my traces, we will devote a minimum of two hours to cleaning up the Black Rock Desert. By picking up the stuff that has been left by others, drifted by the wind or simply forgotten


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