Bamboodu Evolution Highlights

About 6-7 million
years ago:

The earliest evidence of the Bamboodu civilization is the divergence of sea life that swam through the steamy primordial ooze, creating the island upon which Bamboodu civilization evolved. The chemical makeup of the gas emitted from the ooze is a unique combination of oxygen and nitrogen that enabled sea life to begin breathing earthly gasses.

About 4 million
years ago:

Fossil records indicate a species of fresh fish evolved from living in the sea to crawling onto the volcano named Inspiration Island. The records indicate the transformation from sea creatures to oxygen breathing vertebrates was rapid. The new land-bound life forms began consuming organic plant material that had sprouted on the volcano. They called it Bambeesh, an intoxicant as well as a nutrient, expediting their growth and consciousness.

About 1.3 - 3 million
years ago:

Now walking erect and developing consciousness, the Bamboodu civilization began creating and using tools to fabricate artifacts to enhance their existence. They remained mostly vegetarian eating shell fish occasionally which they artfully crafted into creative displays with their newfound tools. Bamboodu emergence coincided with Homo Erectus evolving into beings and used their arms and legs to navigate and work the land.

About 800,000
years ago:

Due to the frequent eruptions from the volcano upon which the Bamboodu civilization lived, they developed fire.

The Mind Shaft Society believes this incidental discovery is due to the continued inhalation of the unique combination of one part oxygen and two parts nitrogen. The gas provided huge inspiration making them realize the earth provided warmth and sustenance.

About 1,382
years ago:

The Bamboodu civilization began its extinction rapidly deteriorating from the increased percentage of gas eminating from the volcanic island that was creating a green house effect. The percentage of two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen increased to an incredible ninety-seven percent of the atmosphere. The Bamboodu civilization became extinct from laughing.