Working high above the San Francisco Bay on Mt. Tamalpais, the Mind Shaft Society recreates the findings from the annual winter Expedition. Safety is the third consideration during the use of power tools and artistic materials considered dangerous by some authorities. Safety breaks are standard operating procedure.

Dr. Fabio, renowned French Anthropologist, is chief documentarian. His photos are excellent exhibits of the creative process in the Mind Shaft Society.

Click here to view Dr. Fabio's slide show on Flickr.

The following videos further illustrate the creative and fabrication processes the Mind Shaft Society utilize.

The Mind Shaft Society continued recreating the findings from the 2009 Expedition revealing the Evolution of the Bamboodu Civilization.

Dr. Fabio sketches a concept for the Evolution Theme.

The Mind Shaft Society conducts research at various locations. The Exploratorium in San Francisco provides excellent opportunity to examine science experiments in a hand's on environment as the video below illustrates.

San Francisco's Exploratorium hosts an interactive evening on selected
Thursday's with a theme for each night. The Exploratorium is a hand's on
experience of various scientific disciplines.
This video documents the April 16 Sideshow Science.

The Mind Shaft Society convened on Mt. Tam in Marin County to
fabricate the findings from the annual winter Expedition.

Obtainium is a valuable commodity. An example is the repurposing of a set of draperies procured by Dr. Tea from an apartment complex renovation. The drapes are double fabric that were taken apart with one part used to form the skin of the Cones of Creation. The other part of the drapes will be used to dress various portions of the recreations, and to use shade cloth in the Mind Shaft Society camp. Another obtainium object is the Turret that was donated to the Mind Shaft Society. The Turret served as the major inspiration for the Crown of Devolution and the Crowns of Evolution that will hold the Bamboodu Spirits.

Please stay tund for further upates throughout the year preceding
Burning Man.