Black Rock City 2005

The Mind Shaft Society embarks on Playa Air

The Mind Shaft Society chartered Playa Air this past winter and flew south of the border to the Youcantan Peninsula where under the direction of Dr. Roxie, resident Mind Shaft Society psychologist, we discovered a Mayan God named Huracan - pronounced - hyurh-ahh-cawn. The obscure deity possessed powers to examine one's pscyhe. We have recreated this process and will display it at our annual presentation on the Playa.

Dr. Really? Senior Anthropologist - in front of the Field Laboratory

The focus of the Mind Shaft Society camp is the Field Laboratory where visitors can sit in the shade entering into discourse with artistic scientists of varied disciplines who comprise the Mind Shaft Society. We are adept at hypothetical, conceptual, even hallucinatory conversation about various aspects of discovery, both scientific and artistic in nature.

Dr. Roxie's "What is on Your Mind" exhibit will provide an opportunity to convey by application onto a large sculpted brain recreated from our discovery of Huracan. Visitors' verbal impressions of what is on their minds can be applied to an area of Huracan's brain from where they feel the thought is emanating.

The Mind Rover is a mutant vehicle shaped as the head of Huracan. Two passengers can sit on an elaborate throne in the back of the Mind Rover where they will have the opportunity to divulge their thoughts about what is in their psyches by typing into a text document and being photographed. The data will be downloaded and displayed to a kiosk called the Psyche Monitor at the Mind Shaft camp allowing visitors the opportunity to review the data collected from the Mind Rover.

Similar to our recreations of past Expeditions, we will have a box of looted artifacts for the visitors to examine. The Field Kitchen Tent will be positioned directly behind the Field Laboratory for replenishing and re-nourishing our physical needs.